Step 2 – Design Process and Project Estimation

The design process is often the most involved process as our talented and experienced design team works to refine and integrate the unique goals of the client into the design to create a customized landscape design for the property. This process can last a few weeks or may take a few months and is all relative to the scope of the project. We design the complete space, not just the soft scape as many times there is much more to the landscape design than the plant material, including hardscape design, LED landscape lighting, irrigation and garden accent features like fountains, pottery, arbors and pergolas. Collaboration with industry professionals including the architect, builder and surveyor is critical to navigate the design set through proper City, County and State review boards. The latter part of this process is to provide budgets for the different components of the design. We source all of our own vegetation material and collaborate with industry professionals to secure the best quality materials for each design.