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River Front Remodel

One feature palm was salvaged when this seven year old Mediterranean style residence on the Caloosahatchee River underwent a complete landscape and hardscape remodel in the beginning of 2015.  The landscape had not been properly maintained for a few years prior to when the new owners purchased in 2014, was overgrown and unhealthy and therefore was in need of a complete evaluation and landscape overhall.

The original red brick concrete pavers were removed and replaced with a gold travertine blend  with ivory travertine border for accent.  The front entry stair was expanded and redesigned for a more significant and welcoming front door.  The side yard had a significant slope from the foundation of the house to the seawall and had significant erosion damage.  This space was re-graded, grading and drainage was repaired and re-routed and a 70 foot long retaining wall was installed.  The retaining wall not only solved the stormwater washout problem, but also provided a level space for a private side yard tropical palm garden and pathway to access both the pool deck and the walk along the seawall.  The stairs to the pool deck, dock and landing were all completely modified for ease of use.

Aside from the tropical and beautiful landscape that was installed, the most significant visual and aesthetic improvement to this property was the addition of three 9 foot tall by 5 foot wide natural stone water walls with stone basins that were designed to fit within the archways at the driveway entry and designed to complement the architecture of the residence.  These water walls offer ambient noise, visual interest and have completely improved the use and entry experience for the homeowner and visitors.  Tropical shade bromeliads, alocasias, cordylines and ferns dress up the new landscape beds at the entry and along the front foundation where previously red brick intersected the foundation walls for a mundane solution.

Other elements of interest include the cable wire espalier that was installed in front of the archway on both sides of the entry way for colorful bougainvillea trellis vine to climb and soften the tall walls and eventually connect over the arch.  Confederate jasmine vine will soften the garage corner on the cable wire trellis installed and there is also a 4 foot wide by 18 foot tall cable wire espalier on a tall, once stark, wall on the pool deck.  Three pool planters were reconfigured and planted with large triple princess palms and bold blue-tone pottery was selected to add interest and color to the pool deck.  Micro-drip irrigation was connected to the pool planters and pottery for a low maintenance solution.

This project was a collaborative effort with an ideal client who was open to all design ideas, who worked closely with the design team, and was a great success for both the client and R.S. Walsh Landscaping.



River District, Fort Myers, Florida




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