Month: September 2019

Necklace Pod: A jewel for your landscape

Necklace pod (Sophora tomentosa) is a wonderful evergreen and flowering plant, which has a high tolerance for salt and low water requirements making it ideal for our coastal island environment. Necklace Pods can be found throughout the world on island beaches and make an inviting environment for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and warblers by providing food […]

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The Fishtail Palm is Perfect for Island Living

The fishtail palm (Caryota mitis) is originally from Southeast Asia and does well in our warm climate and it will even withstand some of the cold snaps that occur in Southwest Florida. It’s an easy-care palm, versatile and pretty popular in tropical landscapes either as a specimen or to create a privacy hedge. The palm […]

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Southern Showstopper

Confederate Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) is an intoxicatingly fragrant vine that causes me to take deep breathes to draw in the scent I associate with the heat of summer and lazy days on the porch. It is a quintessentially southern vine that grows rampant across any structure or surface you will allow it on. With its […]

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Canna Lily is a Wonderful Addition to Any Garden

An herbaceous perennial with showy flowers and foliage, the Canna Lily (Canna x gerneralis) is a perennial rhizomatous plant that, ultimately, makes for a wonderful addition to any garden. Cannas are relatively easy to care for. They like it hot and sunny and they like to stay moist, so typical watering for any flowerbed is […]

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