Month: August 2019

Tickseed – Small Wildflower, Big Impact

Tickseed (Coreopsis leavenworthii) is native Florida wildflower found in nearly every county in the State of Florida.  In South Florida this cultivar of Tickseed blooms year round with spring being its peak flowering season.  Tickseed has showy, yellow petals with a brownish center and the little flowers are about ½” to just over 1” in […]

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Spartina – Seaside Grass

Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) commonly referred to as Spartina grass or seaside grass, is a perennial deciduous grass found in intertidal wetland and estuarine salt marshes. It is fine textured with wiry leaves that form a fountain spray pattern. The surface of this grass is dark green with the lower surfaces light green in color. […]

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Purple Passion Flower Vine

Purple Passion Flower Vine (Passiflora incarnata). This perennial flowering vine is native to Florida and is one of the most complex and intricate flowers among the flowering vines. This vine is very easy to grow, can tolerate dry conditions and loves full sun. Its bloom time is during the warmest months from late Spring through […]

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Royal poinciana: Queen of summer

Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia) lives up to its name which means regal, royal or magnificent – all perfect descriptive terms for the royal poinciana. We know it summer when we see this tree burst into bloom. This lovely tree is decorated in summer with large clusters of rich orange-red flowers on its umbrella-shaped crown of […]

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