Queen’s Wreath Vine – Regal Beauty

Queen’s Wreath Vine – Regal Beauty

The Queen’s Wreath Vine (Petrea volubilis) plants native to Cuba and Central Americas and is well known for its profuse purple blooms between February and June. We typically use it as an ornamental accent vine in our gardens that will grow up onto Palm trees, gates, walls and arbors to give additional visual interest.

The blooms are densely packed clusters of purple that gracefully spill over the arbor or structure resembling Wisteria, which is a longtime favorite further north. The purple-flowered variety is the most common species but there is also another cultivar with white flowers called ‘Albriflora’. It can be that hidden gem in your garden that will bloom and become a show stopper during the early months of the year when other plant color is still dormant.

It does best in full sun but can tolerate partial shade. A strong tolerance to drought and wind makes it a perfect accent for the seashore areas of Sanibel and Captiva Islands.
So if you are looking for that special accent piece, the Queen’s Wreath Vine is an elegant choice for a key focal area in your landscape.

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