Month: August 2018

Wild coffee: Native plant on the wild side

Wild coffee (Psychotria nervosa) is a native ornamental shrub that goes very well in most native landscapes. This plant is found in the higher areas of swampy or wet areas that are seasonally wet and dry. Its glossy green leaves marked with deep grooves adds a nice textured look to a green hedge or border […]

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Visit Our New Succulent Garden

Succulents and cacti now arriving. Succulents come in a variety of interesting forms, texture, and colors and are easy to care for. Visit our succulent garden and our knowledgeable staff will help you choose plants you can grow both indoors and out.

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Fakahatchee grass: Native ornamental grass

Fakahatchee Grass (Tripsacum dactyloides) also known as Gama Grass, is a native ornamental grass found in the southeastern United States. This grass has bright green narrow leaves or blades that have a serrated edge. They grow in nicely rounded clumps and typically get 5-6 feet in height in our area. There is also a dwarf […]

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The Desert Rose Thrives in Hot, Dry, Sunny Conditions

Are you looking for a dramatic, low-water succulent plant? Try a desert rose. The desert rose is the star of any succulent garden which thrives in hot, dry sunny conditions. As its name implies, this is a very drought tolerant plant that performs best in a well-drained area of the landscape. If such an area […]

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