Month: April 2017

Mexican flame vine – ole!

The Mexican flame vine (Senecio confuses) is a prolific bloomer and quite the rambler. This plant is a Central American native from Mexico to Honduras, so of course it loves the hot climate of Southwest Florida. With lovely dark green foliage it climbs, winds and rambles over any fence, trellis, arbor or anything else it […]

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R.S. Walsh Landscaping Announces Winner of March Photo Contest

The winner of R.S. Walsh Landscaping’s March photo contest is Sue Schaller. The theme of the March contest was “Palm Trees.” Submitted photos were posted on R.S. Walsh’s In The Garden Facebook page and at the company’s Sanibel garden center. Visitors to the Facebook page and the garden center were able to vote on their […]

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Starburst clerodendrum: bursting with blooms

Starburst clerodendrum (clerodendrum quadriloculare) is a beautiful flowering ornamental shrub that brings vibrant flower clusters and colorful foliage to any garden. Clerodendrum includes over 450 species of evergreen or deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers that are suited to warmer climates and tropical regions in the Eastern Hemisphere. The starburst is native to New Guinea and […]

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