Month: February 2017

Carissa: the green armored buffer

Carissa (Carissa macrocarpa) is native to South Africa, but they are a long time favorite of our area and you will find them planted along the eastern coastline of Florida and a couple places along the western coast of Southwest Florida. One of the large varieties that grows well in South Florida is the natal […]

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Cycad: the ancient plant

Cycadophyta, “cycads”, are an ancient group of tropical and subtropical plants dating back more than 200 million years ago, from the time of the dinosaur age. While they dominated the landscape then, they are now becoming endangered. Often mistaken for palms, cycads are gymnosperms (naked seeded), meaning their unfertilized seeds are open to the air […]

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In the Garden: Jamaican caper

Jamaican caper (Capparis Cynophallophora) is a great native plant with a beautiful scent. Originating in the Caribbean, it’s a perfect fit for our South Florida climate. I recently noticed an impressive stand of this native plant when walking through a property on Woodring Road. It has to be the largest Jamaican caper I’ve seen growing […]

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R.S. Walsh Landscaping Announces Winner of January Photo Contest

The winner of R.S. Walsh Landscaping’s January photo contest is Cheri Hollis. The theme of the January contest was “Fishing – catch of the day!” Submitted photos were posted on R.S. Walsh’s In The Garden Facebook page and at the company’s Sanibel garden center. Visitors to the Facebook page and the garden center were able […]

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Variegated ginger – add color to shady areas

The variegated ginger is a beautifully striped plant with green and yellow foliage that many homeowners and gardeners utilize as part of their landscape design. The flowers are pearly white with a touch of pink that blooms in the late spring or summer. The flowers are slightly fragrant but when the leaves are bruised or […]

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