Month: January 2017

Tropical delight: bananas

What could be more tropical than growing your own bananas? In our sub-tropical paradise, growing this luscious fruit is generally easy. There are two species of banana, muss acuminata and muss balbisiana, and most banana cultivars are hybrids of these species. The many cultivars produce fruit in a wide array of taste, size and quality. […]

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Aloe vera: A soothing plant

Aloe vera is certainly one of the most useful plants in our south Florida plant palette. Aloe vera is an interesting succulent plant that takes little care but provides big benefits. Every kitchen garden should have an Aloe vera plant and putting one next to your outdoor grilling spot would also be a great idea. […]

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Necklace Pod: A jewel for your landscape

Necklace pod (Sophora tomentosa) is a wonderful evergreen and flowering plant, which has a high tolerance for salt and low water requirements making it ideal for our coastal island environment. Necklace Pods can be found throughout the world on island beaches and make an inviting environment for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and warblers by providing food […]

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Magnolia: Southern beauty

The southern magnolia is an evergreen tree that grows naturally throughout much of the Southeastern United States and can be found from eastern North Carolina all the way west to easternmost Texas. The southern magnolia’s creamy white, fragrance-filled bloom was chosen in 1900 by students from Mississippi to be their state flower and in 1938, […]

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Blue butterfly bush: flight of fancy

The blue butterfly bush (Rotheca myricoides) is part of the Verbena family of tropical flowering plants that love the sub-tropical environment of our area. Also known as butterfly clerodendrum and clerodendrum ugandense, this plant is originally from Africa. The best growing conditions for this plant would be in partial sun/shade, frequent waterings, but not too […]

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R.S. Walsh Landscaping Announces Winner of Monthly Photo Contest

The winner of R.S. Walsh Landscaping’s December photo contest is Karen Krooswyk. The theme of the December contest was “sea creatures.” Submitted photos were posted on R.S. Walsh’s In The Garden Facebook page and at the company’s Sanibel garden center. Visitors to the Facebook page and the garden center were able to vote on their […]

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