Month: October 2016

In the Garden: Sun grown bromeliad

The bromeliad plant is a family of monocot flowering plants with around 3,475 known species. The bromeliad is found through the subtropics of America, West Africa and throughout South America. In the United States, they are found in Virginia, Florida, Texas and Arizona. This plant is uniquely adapted to withstand a wide variety of climates […]

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R.S. Walsh Landscaping Announces Monthly Photo Contest

R.S. Walsh Landscaping announces their monthly photo contest that celebrates the beauty of Sanibel and Captiva. Each month, From December – April, individuals can submit photos displaying the beauty of nature for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to R.S. Walsh In The Garden – Sanibel’s Retail Garden Center and Outdoor Showroom. Each […]

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Show your colors with cordylines

Cordyline fruticose, a native to Southeast Asia, is often referred to as a ti plant or Hawaiian ti. Because the growing conditions are favorable in Hawaii for growing these plants, many of the varieties of cordylines are grown commercially there, even though the plant is not native to Hawaii. These plants grow well in zones […]

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In the Garden: Berry interesting

Look out for the fruitful inkberry (Scaevola plumieri), a Florida native, as it grows its way throughout the sandy beaches. Don’t be fooled by the name; this berry bush wouldn’t taste too great, but looks fabulous in any landscape in need of a fresh flare. You can spot this shrub growing green all year round, […]

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Big design in a small palm

Multiple clumps curving as they rise with a fan-shaped leaf, in colors ranging from sage green to bluish green, give this palm an edgy, modern look. Chamaerops is a genus of dwarf fan palms that have ‘teeth’ on the long petioles or stems ending in the spikey fan-shaped leaves. It’s a small and elegant accent […]

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